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OEM and ODM orders are welcomed


We are a pro team for your orders. For OEM orders, we can help to make all production process, from concept to final product, smoothly; for ODM orders, we have many choices for you.


More Than 15 Years Of Experience 


We Know The Key Technical Requirements In The Production Of Flood Defences Barrier Ensure Product Safety And Ease Of Use, We Understand Well What Works And What Doesn’t. Nothing Is Impossible For Us. We Will Adjust What We Do To Your Needs And We Will Make Your Project Exceptional And Unique. No Order Is Too Abstract Or Impossible For Us. Turn Every Project Into A Challenge To Which We Always Commit In 100%. 


A team of professionals 


We are detail oriented, quality observant and pride. ourselves on our fast turnaround of top of the line China made products. We are a customer service oriented team of experienced designers, qualified custom Flood Defense Barrier and craftsmen. We have a wide range of Flood Defense Barrier– and they all come with a wide range of options and can be fully branded.

The New Generation Of  Flood Barriers

Temporary Flood Defences Barrier for homes, and are a perfect example of what homeowners can do to protect their homes and property from the ruin caused by floods. It is important that homeowners find stable solutions that they can easily install to protect their property that they can rely on. Floods are very serious, and are potentially life-threatening making the best defense, a good offense.

Temporary Flood Defences Barrier

XiangHuiHe®️ Temporary Flood Defences Barrier are spread around the house and filled with on-site water to protect the home from flood water. There are various designs and are expandable so the homeowners can buy the best Temporary Flood Defences Barrier to best suit their needs. When the flooding water reaches the area covered, the force of the Temporary Flood Defences Barrier will hold back the potentially devastating onset to ensure it does not reach the home.


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Multifunction capsule for disaster prevention

Flood Guard Bag


Protect your car from intense flood by using Flood Guard Car Bag. An anti flood car cover that gives you peace of mind during storms and monsoons.

About Us

XiangHuiHe®️(XiangHe Inflatable Products Factory ) has been working in the field of Temporary Flood Defences Barrier  designing and manufacturing since 2007. In this period we implemented more than 50 projects successfully operating on the territory of South Africa, UK and Uzbekistan.


Our company has a production sites of 1000 m2 equipped with modern facilities, such as double-thread sewing machines, high-temperature welding machines, high-frequency welders, computer-controlled cutting machines, and digital inkjet printers. Also we employ a team of experienced production personnel and management; all of which helps us increase productivity while decreasing costs, and ensuring product quality.


A team of professionals

We are a customer service oriented team of experienced designers, qualified custom inflatable experts and craftsmen. We are detail oriented, quality observant and pride ourselves on our fast turnaround of top of the line China made products.



Relationships with clients

We have trust-based long-lasting relations with our clients providing all the information they ask. 

We love what we do. Interest to the task is the main work Incentive for us