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Temporary flood protection barriers

Quick built on a variety of uneven surfaces---Flood Barriers

Barriers for fast deployment. Water dam and water diversion.must be easy, simple, quick, and efficient. A great solution for small and rapid projects. The solution further benefits from low storage space.

Taking into consideration the extreme weather conditions that the world is facing, it is important to invest in disaster preparedness because no one knows when the floods will next hit. We should not wait to be prepared.

To make sure that you get the right inflated dams, it is important that you work with a specialist within your area that will help you in choosing the best suited inflated dams. Make sure to take note of the strength of the material of your barrier as there are many different brands available in the market, because it is what determines how protected you are.

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Inflatable dams (inflatable flood barriers) offer protection for your home or business from rising waters and flooding. Learn more from Inflatable Dams | Inflatable Flood Barriers | Reusable Water Filled

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OEM and ODM orders are welcomed

Water Gate: WG15-200
Water Gate: WG15-200
Tube Barrier:TB30-70
Water Filled Barrier: WF60-160
Water Filled Dams: WF60-160
Water Filled Barrier: WF60-160
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