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Tube Barrier
Tube Barrier Tube Barrier Tube Barrier Tube Barrier Tube Barrier

Tube Barrier

Product ID : Tube Barrier:TB30-70
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The Tube Barrier is made ​​up of a number of elements. The Tube itself is held up by the tension bars in and around the Tube. This looks like a hollow tunnel. The span slats are made ​​from a special fiberglass created what the enormous pressure and stress can cope well. For the Tube is a flap that is attached to the Tube itself.

Product Description

Tube Barrier sizes

The Flood Solution: The Tube Barrier

The Tube barrier is innovative flood defences and can in many cases replace the Sand Bag or other tools against flooding. Among other things dikes can be increased in height with a simple exercise and are therefore made safer without electricity, compressed air or extra water. We use the rising water in order to take optimum advantage of the innovation. The more water, the more stability the innovation will have.

tube barrier


The Tube barrier has an easy working principle and consists of a tube/tunnel of a flexible material to which a slab is attached at the front. At the front of the tube are filling openings situated at the bottom which will fill the tube with water. The slab may be weighted or anchored at the beginning of the slab, so that rising water does not lift the slab and passes below the weir. Because of adding the weight or anchor we avoid the so-called “piping”

As soon as the rising water flows over the slab a natural pressure will create a vacuum beneath the slab. When the rising water reaches the Tube it will fill up. The tube will fill up by the law of communicating vessels. The water in the tube balances out to the same level as the water in the river. When the water has subsided the tube will empties itself automatically. After that it is pretty easy to clean up and put away the weir for another time.

tube barrierRetaining height of the 70 cm high Barrier is 50 cm and the guard height is 20 cm.Function of this is additional buffer for wave stroke and waterflow. The Tube barrier is also one of the few (temporary) Barriers who have the ability to stay stabile during "overtopping".

tube barrier


The Tubebarrier flood defences is delivered per 10 meter element complete in a bag. Every situation is different and therefore the set up of the weir varies. But globally, you place the pallet bags every 10 meters and draw the elements out of the bag, just so that the sides of the Tube barriers meet. The elements are connected to each other. Also there is a flap that one draws over the connection. This in order to neatly close it all. By doing this you have connected the two elements. Repeat this process with the other elements.

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