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Flood Guard Bag

Multifunction capsule for disaster prevention

Protecting Your cars and household goods, Prepare For The Worst With The Flood Guard Car Bag

If you live in an area that is prone to floods or hurricanes, It’s needless to say that flood and automobiles aren’t the best buddies unless you’re driving a Land Rover. Imagine sleeping at night with your car parked in the garage then suddenly, you wake up in the morning and see it floating in knee-deep flood, completely wrecked. Such a bummer, right?

It’s important to know how to protect your car from water damage.

The Multifunction capsule for disaster prevention(Flood Guard Bag) is essentially a giant waterproof bag that is signed to protect your car during a flood. it’s water-proof and water-tight, which could protect your vehicle from potential harms brought about by flash floods.

The Flood Guard Bag is quite simple yet ingenious, not to mention, easy to use.

You just have to lay down the base of the bag, drive your car inside, zip it, and you’re good to go. It also comes with ropes so you can anchor your bagged vehicle onto posts, eliminating the fear of your ride floating towards unwanted places.

Watch this video to see how the Flood Guard works on water:

Protect your car from intense flood by using Flood Guard Car Bag. An anti flood car cover that gives you

peace of mind during storms and monsoons.

capsule for disaster prevention

This all-inclusive flood-proof car cover is not too troublesome to operate. It only needs to be laid on the ground, then the car is driven in and pulled up with a zipper. This kind of flood-proof car is made of durable PVC tarpaulin material and zipper. they are all waterproof. Even if your garage is flooded, your car will be safely placed in the garage. More intimately, the flood control has 4 fixed buckles to prevent the car from floating in the flood. Cause damage.

anti flood car cover

Storm disaster snow ice hail cover air sealed protection car flood bag

capsule for disaster prevention

Storm disaster snow ice hail cover air sealed protection car flood bag

capsule for disaster prevention

Built with the same heavy duty materials, Flood car bag now has finally installed waterproof zippers and can be inflated to protect you car from Floods and Bumping with debris when floating! This is the most revolutionary version ever in Car Flood Protection!

anti flood car cover



We can provide bags to protect odd shaped items whether it be something like a large motor home or key equipment within a manufacturing facility.  We can custom manufacture Flood Bags to conform to your specifications.  We only need measurements and a picture of what is being protected to provide you with a quote for a customized bag.


This Waterproof Bag Is Supposed to Protect Your Car in a Flood, But We Aren’t Completely Convinced

While the Flood Guard might not protect your car from every bit of damage in a flood, it’s possible that it could save you from returning to a completely totaled vehicle 

flood guard car bag  wouldn’t have completely eliminated the risk of damage to those vehicles, it may have helped reduce the financial burden of having them repaired.

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