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Inflatable Water Injection Dam
Inflatable Water Injection Dam Inflatable Water Injection Dam Inflatable Water Injection Dam Inflatable Water Injection Dam Inflatable Water Injection Dam

Inflatable Water Injection Dam

Product ID : Water Filled Barrier: WF60-160
Product Attributes :

The water injection flood control pipe is a product that can quickly resist floods. It can be used in daily life. It can be used to surround the house , and can be used in warehouses to resist doorways, etc.

Size: 100m long and 1.5m height

Color: Grey and Black

Accessories: repair kit, blower

Operating temperature range :-30° to +70°C

Product Description

Inflatable Water Filled Flood Barrier sizes

What's the Water Injection Flood Dam?

Inflatable Flood dam are long tubes that join together to form a continuous barrier to water, like a reusable dam. The barriers are easily transported while deflated. On site they are inflated with air, and then moved into position while they are light and easy to manoeuvre. Once they are all connected, the tubes are filled with water (replacing the air) so they become very strong, heavy and resistant to water seepage.

The barriers are flexible enough to mould to the shape of the ground surface and are very effective in preventing flood water from getting past. Once they are fully assembled and filled with water, they are extremely heavy and resistant to movement.

Once the water has receded, and the risk of flooding is past, the elements of the flood barrier can be emptied and folded up, ready for storage until they are required again.

Flood Dam

Why Choose Inflatable Flood Barriers?

     Reusable Flood Defence Systems – Use them exactly where you want them, and only when you need them.

    These water filled dam barriers can be moved quickly into the position and assembled on-site, much faster than traditional flood barriers.

    The flood barrier elements are strapped together end-to-end using a patented link system, to create a long continuous dam. Add more elements to make the barrier as long as required to hold back the flood water.

    The  water filled barriers are flexible enough to adapt to the ground surface, so that there is little or no seepage underneath.

    The flood barriers are transported deflated so they can be loaded and handled easily.

    The individual flood barrier elements are emptied before they are stored, so that they can be rolled up and packed away neatly, taking up much less room than traditional temporary flood defences.

    A third tube element can be strapped on top of the two base elements to form a taller barrier in case of high or rising floods.

Flood Dam

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Water inflated Dams

How Can Inflatable Flood Barriers be Used?

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